ShowReel and Marketing

A showreel is a short video that shows the work of an individual or organization. Usually, 2 to 3 minutes long and made up of clips from various projects. A showreel typically supplements a résumé. It is the video where every ounce of your effort has to be put in to show, not only the things you have filmed but the versatility of your work.

Marketing yourself as a creative professional is obviously incredibly important, especially if you want to get new clients and more work. So what makes a good showreel? This is quite subjective, as it often depends both on what you are looking to achieve and who your audience is.

However, we have a few tips that will help you create an interactive showreel


Keep it the right length & pace – Less is more. Keep your showreel punchy and don\’t be tempted to include too much footage. You need to grab people’s attention instantly and keep it to watch it all. You don’t want people trying to skip through so keep their attention with relevant, impressive, and fast clips. You want to make it personal and unique.

Keep it consistent – Keep the music the same, keep the cutting pace the same, keep the theme the same. Keep everything a reflection of what you are looking to achieve

Keep it up-to-date – Use Up to date work and keep it Professional

Below is A Digital Creative Agency Showreel To Inspire You